How To Tell If Your Dryer Belt Is Bad And What To Do About The Problem

A common cause of dryer problems is broken belts. The dryer belt gets a lot of use over the years, and it wears down over time. When the belt breaks, it has to be replaced. Here are signs your dryer belt is bad or broken and what a dryer repair professional has to do to fix the problem.

The Signs Of A Bad Dryer Belt

When the dryer belt starts to go bad, you might hear new and unusual noises when your dryer is running. If you hear a thumping or any other noise, it's a good idea to track down the problem and fix it before your dryer stops working completely.

When the belt breaks, the dryer stops spinning. The belt is powered by a motor that causes the belt to turn the drum. The drum won't turn if the belt isn't tight and positioned properly. You'll turn your dryer on and nothing will happen. A belt might break in the middle of a dry cycle, and in that case, the dryer will suddenly stop working.

You Can Test The Belt To Verify It's Broken

One way to tell if the belt is bad is to grab the drum and try to spin it with your hand. If the belt is good, you'll feel resistance, but if the belt is bad, you can usually turn the drum easily. Another way to tell if the belt is bad is to lift the top of the dryer and look inside.

You'll usually have to remove screws to lift the top, and you can consult your manual for instructions if necessary. If you do this, disconnect the power first, or wait for the dryer repair person to arrive and open up the dryer.

A Bad Belt Has To Be Replaced

When the dryer repair person arrives, they'll check the belt and motor to pinpoint the problem. When the belt can't turn the drum, sometimes the motor is to blame. If the motor is fine and the belt is loose or broken, the repair person will open the dryer top and front to reach the belt and drum. The old belt is taken off, and a replacement belt is put back on.

Changing a dryer belt is a common repair that doesn't cost too much since a belt is inexpensive. However, the belt is an essential part, and your dryer won't work without it. If you suspect the belt is going bad, call a repair service for help before your dryer stops working completely and you have to haul your wet clothes to the laundromat to get them dry.

For more information, reach out to a local repair company, like Collier County Appliance Service, Inc.