Washer Repair: 2 Tell-Tale Signs Your Washer Needs Immediate Repairs

Like other household appliances, washers are not immune to malfunctions or breaking down. But before a washer breaks down, it will provide several signs. Thus, prompting you to seek immediate washer repair services.

Nonetheless, most people don't know the signs of a malfunctioning washer. As a result, they often ignore the symptoms of a malfunctioning washer until it breaks down. However, waiting until your washer breaks down is not advisable because it often leads to more expensive washer repairs.

Thus, learn about the different signs of a malfunctioning washer to schedule prompt washer repairs. Besides, it is more affordable to repair a malfunctioning washer than a broken down washer.

Thus, here are two signs that let you know it's time to schedule washer repairs.

1. Water Leaks Out of the Washer

Washer manufacturers design their washing machines to be watertight. As a result, water should not leak out of your washer.

However, as time passes, the rubber gaskets on the washer door start to wear off. The gaskets seal water inside the drum when you shut the washer door. Thus, when the gaskets wear out, they allow water to leak out of the drum. However, your washer could also leak water if the drum has sustained severe damage.

Thus when you notice water leaking out of the washer, you should call a washer repair contractor to repair or replace the gaskets or drum. If you neglect to do so, the leaking water could seep into your floorboards and cause water damage.

2. Strange Noises From the Washer

When you turn on your washing machine, the only sound you should hear is the humming noise from the motor. However, if you notice thumping, knocking, or banging sounds, your washer has an issue.

But strange noises can also occur when you overload the washer or load clothes with coins in the pockets. But if these factors are not causing the strange noises, the next possible culprit is the motor belt.

The motor belt is a rubber belt that turns the drum when you set the washer to spin. However, the rubber belt tends to snap when it wears out. Thus, when you hear banging or knocking sounds from the washer, chances are it is the snapped rubber belt banging on the drum or motor.

But the continuous banging can cause damage to your motor. Hence, when you hear strange thumping or banging noises from your washer, turn it off and call a washer repair contractor to replace the belt.