2 Possible Reasons Why Your Clothes Dryer’s Tumbler Refuses To Spin

After putting your clothes in the dryer and allowing them to run through a cycle, you may have discovered that the clothes are still fully or partially wet. When trying to run them through another drying cycle, you may have noticed that the drum is no longer rotating, leaving the clothes to sit in one spot without tumbling. 

When the drum is not working in your clothes dryer, the problem could be caused by a mechanical or electrical issue. Below are a couple of possible reasons why your clothes dryer's tumbler refuses to spin and needs to be looked at by a repair professional.

1. Mechanical Issue with One of the Drum's Components Is Keeping It from Spinning Freely

One reason why your dryer's drum is not spinning is that there is a mechanical issue with one of the components. These components include the rollers, the bearings, and the belt.

If the belt has become stretched or broken, for example, there will not be a connection between the pulleys on the motor and drum. If the bearings are worn down or the rollers are broken, the drum will not be able to spin. Issues with any of these components will require that they be replaced by a professional repair technician.

2. Dryer's Thermal Fuse Was Either Tripped by Excessive Heat or Is Malfunctioning

Another possible reason why the tumbler in your clothes dryer is not spinning has to do with the thermal fuse. The job of this fuse is to detect any spikes in temperature that could overheat the dryer, and if any are detected, it will switch the dryer off.

If it has been tripped or is malfunctioning, the drum will not rotate. You will need to have a professional look at the thermal fuse and check the dryer to see if there is an electrical issue causing excessive heat or if the fuse itself needs to be replaced.

If there is a mechanical issue with the drum that is keeping it from rotating, the cause could be a stretched belt, broken bearing, or worn-out drum rollers that will need to be replaced by a professional. If the problem is not mechanical, the thermal fuse may have been tripped or is malfunctioning, which will require assessment by a repair technician. If your dryer's drum refuses to spin, contact an appliance repair service in your area to schedule a service call to have them find and fix the problem.

Reach out to a company that offers appliance repair services for more info.