Questions To Ask When Shopping For Used Appliances

When a home appliance breaks down, you might feel a churning in your stomach upon seeing the cost of new models at your local home appliances store. If your budget for such expenses is a little tight, it's worthwhile to think about the used market. Many stores specialize in used appliances that you can buy for a fraction of what the same appliance would cost you new. While shopping at a reputable retailer will increase the chance that you're happy with the product you buy, it's useful to ask the salesperson a series of questions to help you feel more comfortable purchasing the used appliance you need. Here's what to ask.

What Internal Components Are New Versus Original?

In the case of used appliances, you'll often find that many of the appliances contain a variety of original and new parts. In some cases, those with a greater number of new parts will cost a little more, but also theoretically have the chance of lasting longer. Asking for a breakdown of the age of the internal components is a good idea because it informs you about any parts that you may need to replace in the years ahead. For example, if you're buying a used dryer, knowing if the heating element is new or original could indicate how many years the element likely has left.

What Is The Extent Of Your Warranty?

The perk to buying new appliances is that they're often covered under a store warranty and a manufacturer's warranty. In the case of used appliances, the manufacturer's warranty might be expired, so make sure that the store offers a warranty that makes you feel comfortable. Look for things such as the ability to return the appliance for a full refund within a certain number of days, as well as a store warranty that lasts a year or more on the used appliance.

Can You Provide Information On The Electricity Usage?

Newer appliances tend to be more efficient than older appliances, so you want to make sure that any used appliance you buy drains as little electricity as possible. Don't be shy about asking your salesperson to provide you with data about the electricity usage of each of the appliances you're considering. Even high-efficiency appliances can have some variance in their energy expenditure, and making sure that you get a model that is energy efficient is ideal if you wish to keep your monthly bills low.

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