4 Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Dryer

Clothes dryers have improved from the 1800's when all that was available was an outside clothes line or a hand-cranked version created by an inventor in North Dakota. It is essential not to overload the unit because the clothes won't dry if too many are in it. Many factors are involved in extending the life of your dryer.

Tip #1: Do Not Overwork the Dryer

Dry times vary for each dryer, but most of the time, thirty-five minutes will be plenty. Less strain is placed on the unit and your clothes. Newer models have a special auto-dry feature, a moisture sensor that will only use as much air as needed for the job.

Tip #2: Check the Outside Ventilation For Debris

It is essential to keep the external vent cap on the outside of the home free from a buildup of dust and lint created by the unit. Not only can it become a fire hazard, but it can also cause the thermostats and motor to fail because of the reduction in the airflow.

It is unhealthy if the dryer isn't properly vented because the lint could build up and cause the unit to release carbon monoxide. Check to be sure there are no crimped sections in the hose that could collect excess lint.

Tip #3: Keep the Dryer Filter Clean

You must maintain a clean filter for the clothes to receive the necessary airflow. You should remove the collection of lint after each load is dried. You should also use a snorkel brush or a crevice tool from a vacuum cleaner with a light to remove the 'gobs' of lint not caught by the filter that might be stuck in the trap.

Tip #4: Keep All of the Ducts Clean

The ductwork should be thoroughly cleaned routinely. Metal should be taken apart and cleaned with a dryer vent brush. If your vents contain insulation that has gotten wet, it is best to have it replaced because mold could be present.

It is always a good idea to repair the dryer, as well as the ductwork, before issues become major problems. The popular saying of it is 'better safe than sorry' goes back to an Irish novelist, Rory O'More, and applies to issues involving maintenance of your clothes dryer. The life of your unit depends on regular maintenance and a bit of common sense, and these guidelines should help you extend the life of the dryer. Contact a company like Goldman  Appliances Inc for more information.