Troubleshooting Odd Problems With Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

Even though front-load washing machines have been around for a long time, the reemergence of these appliances as a popular laundry room staple is one that has taken place over the last few decades. Water efficiency, quiet operation, and clothing spun almost to dry eight out of the washer are just a handful of reasons these machines are a popular choice. However, front-loaders don't come without their downfalls and occasionally, you could see some problems. Here are a few of the most unusual issues that could arise with your front-load style washer. 

Problem: The washer repeatedly goes through the wash and spin cycle. 

Cause and Solution: If the drainage line from your washer is in an awkward angle, it will not allow the washing machine to drain as it should. For example, if the line is pushed too far down into the drainage line, it can prevent water from flowing out during the spin cycle. Check with your owner's manual to find out the proper position for the drainage line and adjust as needed. 

Problem: You keep finding small puddles of water beneath the front of the washing machine, but no sign of leaks from the door. 

Cause and Solution: After washing a load of clothing, you find a small puddle of water on the floor, just beneath the front of the washer, but there is no obvious sign of drainage leaking from the door. Most likely the water you see is coming from the small plug at the base of the water which holds a filter in place. Front loaders have a filter to capture debris as water is sent through the drainage line. There is a plug that holds this filter securely in place, but it can work its way out over time. Open the plug by unscrewing it, clean the filter, and then tighten it back into place. 

Problem: Small clothing articles are coming up missing after every load. 

Cause and Solution: While top-load machines don't have anywhere where a sock or washcloth could slip into and hide, a front loader actually does. If you notice after every washed load that you are missing small clothing articles, there is a good chance these items are slipping in between the rubber seal and the frame of the washer. If the rubber seal is not seated just right due to damage or wear, it leaves a gap where items can get stuck. Check around the rubber seal and you will likely find your missing items. Afterwards, make sure the seal is in its rightful position by checking for gaps and ridges. If the seal seems warped, go ahead and order a replacement. 

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