Residential Air Conditioning Solutions You May Want To Consider For Your Home

If your home does not have air conditioning, it can be added to an existing home without too much difficulty. A residential air conditioning installation designed for your entire home, small spaces within the house, or single rooms can be put in by a qualified installer. 

Heat Pumps

Installing residential heat pumps in new homes is common, but you can add these AC systems to existing homes as well. The work involved takes a little longer because ductwork needs to be installed throughout the house, but once the system is complete, it is very efficient and can replace the heating system in the home and add air conditioning. 

A residential air conditioning installation contractor will install your new heat pump and remove the existing system from the home. The heat pump uses a system that pulls heat out of the air, removing it from the house in the warmer months and pulling it into the home when the weather turns cold.

These systems are incredibly efficient and use the existing heat in the air to reduce the amount of work the system needs to do to warm the home. They are also extremely good at removing the heat from the interior, leaving the house cool and comfortable all summer. The efficiency often means a reduction in heating and cooling cost for your home that will offset the cost of the new system over time. 

Mini Split Air Conditioners

For homeowners with air conditioning systems in the home already but need some additional cooling in one area of the structure, a small stand-alone system called a mini-split AC system could be a perfect solution. The same residential air conditioning installation company you use for your service and repairs already can add one of the units for you. 

The system consists of a unit that mounts on a wall inside the house and a condenser unit mounted outside. A couple of hoses and wires run between the two parts of the system, but no additional ducting is required. The systems work similarly to larger residential heat pumps and can provide heating and cooling in the space. 

Because the mini-split unit is designed for use in a single space, it is crucial that you purchase the correct size unit for the room, but your AC service company can help you choose one for your needs. Most of these units are rated by the amount of square footage that they can heat and cool efficiently. If the unit is too small, it will run all the time and cost a lot to operate, but a properly sized mini-split system is highly efficient and will often only make a slight impact on your energy costs over time.  

For more information, contact a local residential air conditioning installation service, such as Luas HVAC/Appliance Repair.