Common Fridge Problems You Can Try To Fix Before Seeking Appliance Repair

Is your fridge not keeping the food and beverages you have inside cold enough for you? Does the fridge technically work but you can see that something is obviously wrong? Perhaps the fridge has decided to stop working altogether. Whatever the reason, it's clear you might be in need of professional appliance repair. But before you spend the money on such a service, here are some common refrigerator problems you might be able to tackle on your own. 

The Fridge Runs But Just Doesn't Seem to Get to the Desired Temperature or Stays On All Day

A refrigerator makes use of its coils in order to chill its contents. But refrigerator coils require both proper airflow and a clean working environment in order to get the job done properly. Fridges with coils behind the fridge can accumulate dust or debris back there, not to mention the fact that there might not be a lot of breathing room for the coils to get the job done. Pull your fridge out from the wall a bit or at least give the coils a cleaning on a regular basis to ensure that no issues arise. Clean coils on your fridge may allow your fridge to run more efficiently and turn off more frequently throughout the day.

Your Refrigerator Is Now a Freezer

Perhaps your fridge has no issue keeping things cool but is in fact perhaps doing too good of a job in some aspects. If you have multiple food items in your fridge that seem like they are fully or partially frozen, your fridge's thermostat or other temperature control systems might not be providing the right information to the fridge's working parts. If you have a habit of frequently adjusting the temperature or turning the knob quickly or harshly, it's possible, that there might be some wear or tear that is causing an issue. Try turning the control slowly and make sure you can feel or hear a click as it moves from one number to the next. If there is no resistance or audible sound as you move the thermostat up and down, you might need to replace the mechanism with the help of a professional.

You Can See Water on Your Kitchen Floor Near the Refrigerator

Many fridge and freezer setups are used to turn water into ice or to dispense cool water through a dispenser built right into the fridge. So you might be used to seeing at least some water inside your fridge from time to time, but if it ends up on the floor, something has gone wrong. The two main culprits could be the defrost drain from the freezer or a clogged hose for the dispenser's water supply. Try cleaning out these areas and see if it fixes the problem

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